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The classic wrestling radio show that doesn't talk about wrestling and isn't on the radio is back: WrestleCrap Radio!
WrestleCrap Radio March 26, 2010

It's WrestleMania Weekend...so why are you listening to WrestleCrap Radio?!  Well, if you are, you'll be thrilled to hear we finally have a NEW TNA CORRESPONDENT!  And he's the WORST ONE EVER!  ENGAGE!

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WrestleCrap Radio March 12, 2010

The New Monday Night War has begun!  Well, sorta.  Rest assured, RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are here with the hottest pro wrestling NEWZ!  Plus Leyla Milani helps the boys create the GREATEST WRESTLING THEME SONG IN THE HISTORY OF MAN!

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WrestleCrap Radio March 5, 2010

To celebrate the debut of the greatness that is Wrestlicious, it's a very special WrestleCrap Radio SALUTE TO WOMEN!!!

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