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The classic wrestling radio show that doesn't talk about wrestling and isn't on the radio is back: WrestleCrap Radio!
WrestleCrap Radio 01-28-11

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are back but they're NOT ALONE!  Joining them is the NEW TNA Correspondent, direct from Saddlestitch, Tennessee.  Who the hell could that be?  ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

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Note: This is the second upload of this show, now in stunning mono so that there are no issues!

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WrestleCrap Radio 01-21-11

New & Improved!  Well, at least the WrestleCrap.com website is.  This show?  Eh, not so much.  But it does feature RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton discussing all the latest wrestling haps, such as Torrie Wilson selling drugs, Tammy Sytch poop problems, and Randy Savage in a Nintendo game.  Wonder who will call in then?  Plus Blade's grade school where all kids had erections.  Don't ask, just listen!

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WrestleCrap Radio 01-14-11

It's a New Year, and RD has a resolution: GET MORE LISTENERS!  Sadly, I doubt this show will help, as we get a very sad event, then an even sadder event in the return of someone no one wanted back, and finally Angry Jim explaining what he'd do with Andre the Giant's WWF Hall of Fame ring.  Ah well, there's always next year!

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