WrestleCrap Radio
The classic wrestling radio show that doesn't talk about wrestling and isn't on the radio is back: WrestleCrap Radio!

RD and Blade Are Celebrating Christmas, Life Day, Black Monday, and Giving Each Other Gifts!  Plus YOUR CHANCE to be on OUR SHOW!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 23!

Batten down the hatches, kids - it's time for the annual BLACK FRIDAY RECAP SHOW!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 22!

RD and Blade Return to Answer All Your Questions (Not Really), Including Is Dick Woerhle Still Alive and Is Betty Crocker An Actual Person (Really)

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RD bemoans his hapless Reds as the boys talk all things...wrestling?!!  Yes, believe it, it's true!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 20!

With the events that took place in Stamford, who do you THINK is calling in this week?

Oh, and yeah:


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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 19

RD is in Amsterdam, minutes from the Red Light District and, ahem, 'Coffee Shops'.  So what does he do?  If you guessed sat in his hotel room and had an HOUR LONG conversation about the worst potato chips known to man with Blade Braxton, step up and claim your Crappy Prize!

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It's the 8th anniversary of RD and Blade broadcasting together!  Join the boys as they discuss their glorious history, their ongoing Fantasy Total Divas, and well, not a whole lot else.  Enjoy, kids!

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Hate Total Divas?  Love Fantasy Football?  Then You Are Going to LOVE This Show!!  Plus The Biggest WrestleCrap Announcement in Years!

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WrestleCrap Radio 07-15-13

For one night only, it's the return of WrestleCrap Radio!

Or as we like to call it, "A Salute to Gossy."

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 016

It's the RD and Blade Show, Episode 16!  Details on the one-night only WrestleCrap Radio revival!  Live food sampling! A guy who is named after a sandwich!  Discussion of heel Mickie!  And bees!  Bees!  BEEEEEEESSSS!!!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 015

Happy Mother's Day!  Celebrate now with RD & Blade's SALUTE TO WOMEN!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 14


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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 13

So much to discuss, including, yet not limited to, eating canal eel, watching Baywatch on a plane, a new place to hunt Easter eggs, Blade's newest convention, Bob Holly's new book, 5 seconds on WrestleMania, and an outro sponsored by…well, we won't spoil that!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 12

Discussion of Taco Bell's taco meat ice cream scoop.  That's all you need to know!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 11

Want to get ready for Old School Raw?  Then listen to RD and Blade discuss who will NOT be showing up!  That plus the results of  Blade's Tecmo Bowl Tournament!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 010

Episode 10!  Or X.  Your choice.  The boys are back to discuss THE CURSE, Hunter and Steph on Twitter, and most importantly, the greatness of TECMO BOWL!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 9

RD and Blade 9: The Only Show That Could Have Julia Child, Carrie Fisher Breast Feeding, Vanilly Crunch, and a Smattering of Wrestling News!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 8

Episode 8 of The RD & Blade Show, and it's packed!  We have a post mortem on the Super Bowl, then RD discusses why he HATES the idea of Bruno in the Hall of Fame.  OH!  And LJN figures doing pelvic thrusts.  Dontcha dare miss it!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 7

RD and Blade are back, discussing the Royal Rumble, Patty in the Hall of Fame, Claire Lynch Winning the Gooker, and the Super Bowl!

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Two miraculous events take place this weekend...is it possible that the Royal Rumble doesn't even get top billing?  ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!!!

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The RD and Blade Show: Episode 5

You know how Episode 5 was the best of the Star Wars series?  Yeah, that's NOT the case here.  We went into the show with the idea of giving our picks for the AFC-NFC Champeenships, and somehow wound up on Fantasy Booking Island 2013.  Don't say we didn't warn you!

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The RD and Blade Show, Episode 4

Episode 4...or Episode Negative 3?  

You be the judge, as we release upon you the show that you were all upset you missed last year.  What is it?  ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!!!

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The RD and Blade Show Episode 3

Many topics discussed on this here show, including, yet not limited to...a backstage look at how we're doing this thing, Death of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition, your grandfather playing Ric Flair, and Dennis DeYoung.  Seriously.

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The RD and Blade Show, Episode 2

An amazing second episode!  Thrill to RD buying pizza!  Guffaw at Blade's story of a tanning and bait shop!  And learn the true reason Anakin Skywalker hates sand!

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The RD and Blade Show, Episode 1

YIPPEE!!  It's EPISODE I of The RD and Blade Show! Now THIS is Podcasting!

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