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The classic wrestling radio show that doesn't talk about wrestling and isn't on the radio is back: WrestleCrap Radio!

Merry Christmas from WrestleCrap Radio!

We hope you all have a GREAT holiday and a very blessed 2019!!

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It's your favorite show of the year - our annual Black Friday spectacular!  Plus more wrestling talk than we've had in years.  No, we can't believe it either.  But hey, get to clickin' and hear it for yourself!

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2018 - the year NOTHING goes wrong at Halloween for RD and Blade!

(Or does it?)

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WrestleCrap Starrcast!  Plus the REAL story of the Death of WCW Panel, including backstage with RD and Eric Bischoff!

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RD and Blade are joined for the 13th anniversary of WrestleCrap Radio by the legend himself, Dr. D David Schultz!  Over an hour of bounty hunting, At Home with Dr. D, the Gun show, Mr. T, John Stossel, Dr. D’s favorite cereal, and most importantly, a cameo by his wife, WO-MAN!

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RD and Blade are back to talk reverse vasectomies, the Flexing Dutch Oven, the return of David Arquette, and a great new charity drive, Becky Lynch Dolls Across America!

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Well well well...it seems Eric Bischoff has started a new podcast, and immediately gone on the attack on your old buddy and old pal, RD Reynolds.  

RD & Blade Braxton to discuss this turn of events in a breaking news version of WrestleCrap Radio - and announce that yes, they will meet Bischoff face to face in Chicago this Labor Day weekend!

Again, this is due to our listeners pledging their support on Patreon.  Thanks to you, we are now doing guaranteed monthly shows!  Help us out, won’t you?

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Celebrate WrestleCrap's 18 Year Anniversary (!!!) as RD and Blade dive into all the WrestleMania news!  Who will win between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar?  How about AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura?  Find out as WrestleCrap Radio gives you the scoop!

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It's March Madness! But we hate basketball, so we talk PRO WRESTLING instead!  Among the topics…GOLDBERG! Burger King’s Herb!  Doink returning from the dead!  And yes, FUN WITH TAMMY!  Plus the debut of the STEIN LINE!  

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Have fun, kids, and keep on Crappin’!

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Howard the Duck! Bill Eadie!  And yes, TRISH STRATUS’ TRIP TO THE GROCERY!  Only right here on episode 270 of WrestleCrap Radio!

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WrestleCrap Radio is back in all its glory - now monthly thanks to our Patreon sponsors!  RD and Blade discuss babies, love, mystery, and yes, pro wrestling, including the Royal Rumble and the XFL, with our absurd cast of characters!  Plus ONLINE HEIGHT STALKERS!  And TWO NEW SEGMENTS!

Again, this is due to our listeners pledging their support on Patreon.  At the time of this recording, we are 62% of the way to doing bi-weekly guaranteed shows!  Help us out, won’t you?

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