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The classic wrestling radio show that doesn't talk about wrestling and isn't on the radio is back: WrestleCrap Radio!

As you have probably heard, Blade passed away on March 28.  Let’s celebrate all the laughs he brought us with his final recorded appearance with RD Reynolds.  We love you and miss you, Blade!

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RD and Blade discuss tons of pro wrestling news, including their favorite women's wrestling matches of all time!  Plus...what cartoon character voice actor apparently punched Adolph Hitler in the mouth!  What more could you ask?

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Happy Halloween 2019 from WrestleCrap Radio!!

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Well well well...it seems Eric Bischoff has started a new podcast, and immediately gone on the attack on your old buddy and old pal, RD Reynolds.  

RD & Blade Braxton to discuss this turn of events in a breaking news version of WrestleCrap Radio - and announce that yes, they will meet Bischoff face to face in Chicago this Labor Day weekend!

Again, this is due to our listeners pledging their support on Patreon.  Thanks to you, we are now doing guaranteed monthly shows!  Help us out, won’t you?

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Celebrate 11 years (!!!) of WrestleCrap Radio with RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton!

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WrestleCrap's RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton return with a tribute to their friend, Roddy Piper.  Plus a new segment and David Lee Roth discusses canning jars!  Wait, what?

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WrestleRadio #836

Your WrestleMania recap is here!

WrestleRadio #836 is on the air!

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