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The classic wrestling radio show that doesn't talk about wrestling and isn't on the radio is back: WrestleCrap Radio!
WrestleCrap Radio 12-21-10

It's the 2010 WrestleCrap Radio Christmas ProGREM!  Oodles of yuletide buffoonery, including a gift for you, yes YOU, our Fellow Crappers!

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WrestleCrap Radio - RD's Gift to Blade 2010

Thrill to RD's gift to Blade in all its unedited and complete glory!

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WrestleCrap Radio 12-03-10

It's our WrestleMania - the Black Friday Episode of WrestleCrap Radio!  Plus the boys discuss why Don...Don Mason has his face on top of Jeff Hardy's crotch!  And the return of the Celebrity TRIP...to the Grocery with Jerry Only of the Misfits!

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WrestleCrap Radio 11-24-2010

What a show this is!  Where else can you learn of Satan's plan to take over the world via pro wrestlers on SOCIAL NETWORKS and also the story of Bill Watts and the Swann Man?  Right here…only on WrestleCrap Radio!

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WrestleCrap Radio 11-05-10

So it's come to this...Blade Braxton VERSUS RD Reynolds...FAMILY FEUD STYLE!  And you'll never guess who's in the Richard Dawson role!

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WrestleCrap Radio October 29, 2010

Shocking! Startling! Amazing!  It's the 6th Annual WrestleCrap Radio Halloween Edition!  What horrors lie within?  One way to find out!

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WrestleCrap Radio 10-08-10

RD is healed, and WrestleCrap Radio is back!  And so is a guy who hasn't been on the show in ages...who could it be?  One way to find out!

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WrestleCrap Radio September 10, 2010

Ring rats!  Wendi Richter!  Giant women!  Blade Braxton invades Hollywood!  The return of Angry Jim!  And the eternal question…who is older: Hulk Hogan or Methuselah?  Truly a WrestleCrap Radio for the ages!

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WrestleCrap Radio 08-27-10

It's the Season Six Premiere of WrestleCrap Radio!  All the talk of trash bagging, trips to groceries, and yeah, even a smattering of pro wrestling news.  What more could you want?

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It's the fifth anniversary of the LONGEST RUNNING EPISODIC WRESTLING PODCAST IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNETS...what better way to celebrate than with a THREE HOUR SHOW featuring YOU, the 12 listeners?!  The last half-decade has all been worth if for nothing else than what happens at the 111 minute mark!

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