WrestleCrap Radio
The classic wrestling radio show that doesn't talk about wrestling and isn't on the radio is back: WrestleCrap Radio!
WrestleCrap Radio October 30, 2009 Whatever you do...DON'T DRINK THE TONIC! See what shenanigans are afoot as various WrestleCrap Radio personnel are under the influence of Old Man Shango's Quiets the Nerves Elixir! Plus...the return of someone NO ONE wanted to return! Happy Halloween!
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WrestleCrap Radio October 02, 2009 Ever think you'd get a wrestling show discussing Roy Innis vs. Enos from Dukes of Hazzard? No? Well, here you go, Bucko! Plus...the original BM Punk calls in and sounds off about The Rock dissing him on Smackdown!
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